Spectrum: The London Science Fiction & Fantasy Writer's Group is a critique group whose members write speculative genre short stories and novels, ranging from high fantasy to hard science fiction and everything in-between. We get together to critique each other's work, share knowledge and generally encourage one another.

Who this group is for: Writers of speculative fiction (generally Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror) working in short story, novel and similar formats.

Both aspiring and published authors are welcome. It is a great arena to workshop your story, find out what is working, what might not be, and to gain insight from members with a wide range of perspectives and backgrounds.

Please note that this group primarily focuses on prose writing, and as such we have limited experience with screenwriting or play scripts. Some of our members may be happy to provide feedback on a story level, but we would advise screenwriters and playwrights of speculative scripts to seek critique groups for their respective art form.

How often we meet: Right now we meet bi-weekly for short story critiques, usually on a Tuesday evening, with monthly Novel Track meetings and the occasional speaker event or social. 

Find out when our next meeting is on MeetUp.

What you can expect: to get motivated and inspired, to improve your craft, to build confidence in your own work, to network with others, to learn about the publishing industry, and to have fun doing it!