Critique Meetings
Critique Meetings

How it works: At every critique meeting we have one or two members submit a piece each, usually a chapter from their novel or a complete short story.

Members are expected to read the submission(s) before attending, with an eye toward providing constructive feedback to the author.

  • We usually start off with introductions, so those who have not met us before can get a feel of what we all write.
  • Then, each member will be given a chance to provide a verbal critique, timed for 2.5 minutes each, and can also provide the author with more detailed written comments. 
  • Lastly, the author gets a 'right to reply', and we have a few minutes of more freestyle discussion.

If we have two submissions, we'll take a short break after the first round of critiques is over, and then do the timed critiques and free discussion parts for the second story.

New members: We encourage new members to come along to one of our critique sessions to see what we're like. Please see the 'How to Join' section for more info.

Submitting your work: We have a prerequisite of attending at least two critique meetings and providing feedback for others before you can submit your own work for critique. This is to ensure that you are comfortable with both giving and receiving critical/constructive feedback, as well as gauging whether or not we are the right group for you as a whole.

Once you have attended at least a couple of meetings, feel free to submit your story or novel chapter through the Members area and it will be assigned to one of the upcoming meetings. If you have a preferred date, you can let us know when you are uploading your story.


Want to come along? Check us out on Meet Up and sign up for an upcoming date.

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