How To Join

Joining Spectrum as a new member

Greetings, fellow writer, and very glad you wish to join us.

In a practical sense, there's a couple of steps to take in order to join Spectrum:

  • We use Meet Up to organise our critique meeting schedule and manage our attendance lists, so you'll need to register there and join the Spectrum Meet Up group in the first instance.
  • You'll also need to sign up as a member here on this website in order to gain access to our Discord server, where we are currently holding all our meetings, and to download the stories we'll be reading for critique, located in the password-protected members area. Please submit a sign-up request here and one of the organisers will then approve your account. (As this is manual it might take a moment, but we'll get to you in due course!)

Then come along to your first meeting and see if we are the right fit for you!

We are currently running regular online Write Togethers, where we work on our individual projects and have a little chat inbetween. 

For our most integral activity type, check out the Critique Meetings section for a breakdown of our meeting format, and a guide on when and how to submit your own work for critique.

If you are looking to join our Novel Track which runs separately to our regular critique meetings, you'll still need to do the above first, but please see the Novel Track page for a breakdown of how that works as well.

NB: While we are the London SFF Writers Group, due to the nature of things at the moment we are meeting online, and therefore are currently accepting members from across the country and the world. 

Just bear in mind that our activities will still be held at GMT/BST!