Write Togethers
Write Togethers

Struggling to stay creative? Looking for company while you work on your writing?

At our write-togethers, we meet for a few hours and work on our writing, reading, or editing, keeping each other accountable and cheering each other on in companionable semi-silence. 

Meeting Format

We use a variant of the Pomodoro technique, where we work in concentration for a period of time from 30 minutes to an hour, and take a short chat break before diving in again. We use the Voice Chat feature of the Write Together category on our Discord server - you can find info and instructions on how to join on this page.

Sometimes we end up not feeling very chatty and simply keep on writing - but the company is still felt and appreciated.

Schedule, or lack thereof

While we used to run these as events on MeetUp for much of 2020, we are currently operating on an ad-hoc basis. Essentially, if you want to write along with company, just check in on the #write-together channel on Discord, and anyone who is online and doing the same will join in and agree on a time to check in with each other on the Voice chat channel.

Usually, there are people writing during the mornings (8-11am), afternoons (2-3pm), and occasional evenings. Just slide into the server and say hello!

NB: These meetings do not count towards the pre-requisite of attending two critique sessions before submitting your own work for critique. Please see the Critique Meetings page for more details.