About Us

Spectrum London Writer’s Group was started in 2015 by Grant, Vee, and Rachel, and continues a tradition of genre fiction critique groups in the city.

The current roster of group organisers includes Rachel, Kat, James and Steph, with support from Allan, Jane, and Malcolm.

Our aim is to create an environment where authors of speculative fiction can share their expertise and encouragement in a friendly and professional forum, with the view to foster the next generation of UK and international writing talent. We take writing seriously, and engage with the SF/F publishing community both within the UK and abroad by attending events and conventions, networking with other writers’ groups, and inviting editors, agents and authors as speakers to our career development events.

Some of our members and alumni have gone on to publish short stories, win contests, find agent representation, form business partnerships, write bestsellers, and get featured in the yearly Best British Science Fiction anthologies – all because of being involved in Spectrum, and allowing their craft to improve through constructive feedback, hard work, and meaningful connections.

We hope you will join us and be a part of a growing legacy of speculative writers in London and beyond.

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