As of February 2021, we host special events on a wide range of topics with invited speakers from the SFF community. See the bottom of this page for more info.

We also attend conventions and special events in the UK and beyond.

Conventions we have attended previously include:

  • 2016: Nine Worlds, London
  • 2017: Worldcon 75, Helsinki, Finland
  • 2019: Eastercon 70 (Ytterbium), London; Worldcon 77, Dublin, Ireland
  • 2020: Nebulas Conference, online; Worldcon 78, online; FIYAHCON, online.
  • 2021: Capricon, online; Eastercon 72 (ConFusion), online; Flights of Foundry, online.

Some of our speaker guests (in a pre-Covid world) have included:

Authors Jen Williams, Den Patrick, Peter Newman, and Christopher Priest; 
Editor Anna Jackson (Orbit UK).

For info on future speaker events and conventions we'll be attending, sign up to the group on Meet Up and/or follow us on Twitter @SpectrumSFF.

2021 Special Events: