Novel Track

The Novel Track is currently full. Please register your interest with an organiser during our sessions, and fill out the Novel Track Interest Form in the Members Area to be added to our holding group.

And in the meantime, this is how it works!

So you're writing a novel and don't know if it's any good? Good news - you're not alone!

At Spectrum we operate a separate novel track, which runs on a different timetable to our normal critique meetings. Where the critique meetings can be widely attended by any of our members, the novel track is separated into smaller, more manageable groups of 5-6 people who continuously work together and workshop each other's novels.

How it works:

  • Groups meet at least once a month, either independently or as part of a larger Novel Track get-together. 

  • Usually one or two people in the group submit a chapter or section of their novel, and the rest of the group provides feedback - though there are groups that operate with different methods as well (such as providing feedback on completed drafts), so depending on where you are in your drafting process you should be able to find a group that can help.

How to join:

To join the novel track you need to have attended two regular critique meetings previously, and once you have done that, you also need to have submitted a story or chapter to the regular critique meetings.

This is to ensure that you are comfortable with both giving and receiving critical/constructive feedback, as well as gauging whether or not we are the right group for you as a whole. No point sending your novel to a bunch of people if the style of feedback we give isn't the kind you're looking for!

Once you've attended two meetings and submitted your work, you can then fill out the survey form found in our Members Area on this website. You will then join our Novel Track holding group, whence we will either match you with an existing sub-group in the Novel Track, or set up a new sub-group once there is a critical mass of new members.

If you have any further queries about any of this, feel free to check out the FAQ section on the Contact page, and drop us a line if needed via the form or on the #novel-track channel on our Discord server.