Novel Track Interest Form

Interested in joining the novel track? Please fill out the form below so we can match you to the right group.

Please be advised that:

  1. new groups are formed when there is a critical mass of new members, so finding you a suitable group may take some time;
  2. there is an eligibility threshold to join the Novel Track – you must have attended at least two critique meetings, and have had your work critiqued as well. This can be a short story or the first 5-6,000 words of your novel.

For any queries about eligibility or about the form below, please contact an organiser on Discord or by email.

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Have you attended at least 2 critique meetings, either online or in person, AND had your work critiqued by the group?
This is a pre-requisite. If the answer is not YES, please hold off on applying until the criteria are met.
What stage are you at with your novel-in-progress?
What genre does your novel fall under?
Select all that apply.
Which content warnings apply to your novel?
What level of support are you looking for from your novel group?
What genres are you happy to read from others?
Select all that apply.
Are there content warnings we should look to avoid when matching your project with others?
Are you able to commit to reading at least 20-30,000 words a month from your fellow group members?